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Sermon – August 1, 2021


Various Passages – Baptized into Christ (mp3) IntroductionThis morning we have the great privilidge of baptizing two young men, Nate LaBo and Isaac Wallaker. Both young men not only are baptized today, but… Continue reading

Sermon – October 27, 2


John 9:1-12 – A Symbol of Salvation (mp3) Introduction While the process of writing a great story might be difficult to detail and describe, the results of a great story are easy to… Continue reading

Sermon – October 23, 2016


Colossians 2:11-13 Relating Circumcision and Baptism¬†(mp3) Introduction While not leaving Colossians, the next passage (2:9-15) introduces two major biblical themes, circumcision and baptism, that require a closer look.¬† Some denominations, based on the… Continue reading