Church Highlights


Church Highlights – The week of May 18, 2020


Worship on May 24th, 2020
Unless there are major changes to policy that are currently unexpected, we will go forward with meeting again on the morning of May 24th. As previous, we will be cautious with our meetings – those who attend will be asked to wear mask, use hand sanitizer, and keep a 6 foot social distance. Until we feel that it is safe and prudent, we will provide no Sunday School or nursery. We will update everyone on these policies as they change. If you have any questions, please ask pastor Doug!

Secret Church Replay
The replay of Secret Church is available to all who might want to listen to it here. Secret Church is led by David Platt, and is an intense time of Bible study and prayer for the persecuted church. The theme this year is God, Government, and the Gospel. Given the quarantine, and the church’s response to it, this is an excellent time to be thinking through these relationships!  The cost for the material is $8, and we still have books available. Please email pastor Doug ( if you would like to get a book. However, if you just want to tune into the broadcast, you do not need a book to do so.

Daily Bible Reading Plan
Each year Crossway puts forward a Bible reading plan, and this year will be no exception. We believe that the best way to grow in the Lord and to mature in the faith is to be constantly filling your mind with the word of God. In order to facilitate this, Crossway is again using the Bible Project’s reading plan and videos. The videos are a helpful way to see the importance of each book, and to give helpful background material needed to better understand them. Look for posts each week on our main page, and keep reading!

Ministry Opportunities
One of the ways we show our love for one another in the body of Christ is to serve the church in its various functions. There are many opportunities for members to serve the church here at Crossway. These opportunities include: cleaning, mowing, transportation, soundboard, music, security, and fellowship meals. If you would like to engage in one of these areas, please see one of the elders and they can direct you to the ministry contact person.


Bible Project Reading Plan (Week 21):
Job 4-31; Psalms 136-142

Next Sunday’s Sermon Text:
John 16:16-24

Prayer for Missions: Pray for our NAMB Missionary Shakil, his wife Angela and his family in Hamtramck, Michigan. They are ministering to Pakistani Muslims that are located in this community, and are in desperate need of God’s Word. Pray that relationships are formed, that the gospel penetrates the community, and churches are planted among this people group.

Prayer for the World: Pray for our local universities, including especially the students and the professors. Pray that what is taught accords with the truth, and honors God. Pray for revival in the academic fields of America. Pray for the faith of many who enter places of learning that are set against the gospel.

Prayer for Ministries: Pray for our local BABA sister church Sunrise and our Associational Missionary Dave Roberts and his wife Melissa. Pray that Dave leads our association to greater unity and partnership in the gospel. Pray that the gospel might be preached with vigor and zeal and heard with earnest ears. Pray that the leaders of these churches shepherd their flocks well, and that their people make their service joyful. Pray that they might reap a glorious harvest for the glory of the name of Jesus Christ our Lord!