Prayer Service

Prayer Services

Crossway gathers for prayer on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of everyone month. Our services begin at 6:30pm.  As we are strongly dedicated to the Word of God, and believe that God answers prayers in line with his word, we attempt to pray as Scripture leads us. To accomplish this, we typically work through a book or a passage during our time together, drawing out of God’s Word what we should pray for. After our time of prayer, we often hear a testimony about God’s work in someone’s life, or have the elders answer questions from the congregation. The service is structured but informal, and usually lasts about an hour.

Why Should You Go to A Prayer Meeting?

Here is a short-list of 6 reasons why you should go to a prayer meeting:

Privilege. When we pray we are communing with the God of the universe, the originator and sustainer of all life. Further, we are talking to our Father. The wonderful opportunity of this access was purchased with the highest price, Christ’s blood. Such privilege ought to trump any excuse of inconvenience.

Community. In the NT we know that personal prayer is to be prioritized and protected (Matt 6:6) while community prayer is modeled and prescribed (Acts 1:14; 2 Tim 2:1-8). There is great refreshment in the gathering of believers, in-dwelt and led by the Holy Spirit, calling upon Trinity while in the church community.

Edification. As these other believers pray and give testimonies, they speak of what they are learning, how God has been faithful to them, and how God is leading them to be sympathetic and burdened for others. Such times can be  surprisingly impactful and are useful tools for our edification.

Training. Evidently Jesus’ prayers were so different than others that the disciples had ever heard; they wanted to be instructed in the school of prayer by its headmaster. So too we as believers, as we are instructed by Christ in and by the Scriptures, find ourselves training together in prayer.

 Serving.  As believers gather together to lift of the needs of others and extol the beauty of God there is an aspect of service. Meeting, week after week, folks gather together to serve their brothers and sisters, their city, and saints around the world by lifting up petitions to God on their behalf.

Reminder. There is little else you can do that will remind you of your neediness than prayer. In fact, your prayer life corresponds directly with how needy you really feel. When you carve out time to meet with other believers you are reminded of your great need and great privilege. You have to be reminded by virtue of the fact that you are coming to God through Christ and petitioning for the glory of God in this world!

This is an abridged and amended article from Erik Raymond.