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Sermon – August 8, 2021


Romans 4:9-12 – The Primacy of Faith (mp3) IntroductionCircumcision was not a small deal to the Jewish people. It was a religious mark, a physical reminder not only of God’s promise, but of… Continue reading

Sermon – June 13, 2021


Romans 2:17-29 – Misplaced Faith in External Trappings (mp3) IntroductionPaul has been making his case that no one, on their own, is righteous before God. He has spent time focused on the unrighteousness… Continue reading

Sermon – October 23, 2016


Colossians 2:11-13 Relating Circumcision and Baptism (mp3) Introduction While not leaving Colossians, the next passage (2:9-15) introduces two major biblical themes, circumcision and baptism, that require a closer look.  Some denominations, based on the… Continue reading