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Sermon – June 20, 2021


Romans 3:1-8 – Summarizing Questions (mp3) IntroductionQuestions are incredibly useful things. They are the way that we find out what we don’t know, helping to increase our knowledge of the world. They help… Continue reading

Sermon – June 13, 2021


Romans 2:17-29 – Misplaced Faith in External Trappings (mp3) IntroductionPaul has been making his case that no one, on their own, is righteous before God. He has spent time focused on the unrighteousness… Continue reading

Sermon – February 23, 2020


James 2 – Our Faith, Our Response (mp3) Introduction: Our Scripture today deals with two main ideas: the sin of partiality and the idea that without works faith is dead. What connects both… Continue reading