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Sermon – November 29, 2020


John 19:1-16 – The Vale of Glory (mp3) IntroductionGod has been incredibly kind to us in the smallest of things, many of which we are so accustomed to that we typically miss them… Continue reading

Sermon – November 8, 2020


John 18:15-27 – The Courageous and the Cowardly (mp3) IntroductionWe find many great examples of righteous courage throughout Scripture. Joshua took over the promised land with a rag-tag army; David faced the monstrous… Continue reading

Sermon – February 16, 2020


James 1 – James, a Servant (mp3) James, the Lord’s half brother, is known as a pillar of the early church who wanted to be known as a servant of God and the… Continue reading