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Sermon – July 4, 2021


Romans 3:21-26 – Righteousness Manifested (mp3) IntroductionThis week, Bill Cosby, formerly convicted of sexual assault, was allowed to walk free in Pennsylvania. It was not because the court, the jurors, the prosecution, the… Continue reading

Sermon – May 2, 2021


Romans 1:16-17 (Part 1) – The Righteousness of God (mp3) IntroductionLuther’s conversion to the true gospel was likely not accomplished in one specific moment. Yet, if there was a moment, it was in… Continue reading

Sermon – January 31, 2021


Esther 2:1-18 – Moral Ambiguity in a Foreign Land (mp3) IntroductionThere is no doubt that the people of Persia had different standards of right and wrong then we do today. Their relationship to… Continue reading