Members Meeting Recap

Our last Members Meeting was held after lunch last Sunday.  Several important decisions were that made that we want our people to be aware of.

  • Those in attendance committed to the ‘Our Life Together’ plan for six months.  This time frame will allow us to see the helpfulness/effectiveness of the changes.
  • The ‘Our Life Together’ plan was modified to keep children’s Sunday School opposite the adult/youth prayer time, eliminating the need for Children’s Worship opposite the main service. (For more info, please see the plan online, or pick up a paper copy on the informatin table at church).
  • Because of planning and commitment problems, VBS will be canceled and our efforts and resources will be invested in a one-day outreach event shortly after school begins.
  • Our new Outreach Sundays will begin (Lord willing in September, October at the latest).
  • New tellers are being trained to help rotate through counting our offerings.  
  • Offerings have been more than sufficient – everyone who gives should continue contributing to the ministries of God’s church.

Those of you who could not attend, should find a member who did and get the rest of the details of th every encouraging things God is doing at BBC.