Members Meeting Recap

This past Sunday we had our quarterly Members Meeting. As most of you know, Members Meetings are those times we set aside to hear reports from the various ministries of the church and rejoice in what we see God doing in and through us as his people. We also discuss upcoming events and vote on any important issues in the life of our church.

So for those of you who are not able to make it, here is a recap of what happened:

We received a new family into our membership: Joe and Leigh Blaylock and their children Rachael (16), Bridget (14), Miranda (12), Joshua (10), and Nik (4) Blaylock. Joe, Leigh, and Rachael are all voting members, and Bridget is a non-voting member. Miranda and Josh have both professed faith in Christ, but have not yet experienced baptism. And we are eagerly anticipating what God will do in little Nik’s life!

We also held two crucial votes in our transition to being an elder-led congregation. The first vote was to approve the outlined plan for changes to our by-laws. The motion passed with no objections. A new edition of our constitution and by-laws will be compiled shortly and distributed to each of our members families.

The second vote involved these changes as well. It was a vote on allowing women to be serve as deaconesses. With our changes to elders, it will now be clear that our deacons will serve as deacons (per Acts 6) and not be expected to fulfill responsibilities that a pastor normally would. Thus, allowing women to serve as deacons will not violate God design for the responsibilities of men and women in the home and church. Again, this motion passed with no objection.

So what does all of this mean? It means we are continuing to seek God’s will for our lives as we desire to live and serve Him as He desires. It means that our church ministries can be more streamlined and people can plug-in to serve more easily. It means that we are better equipped for future ministry and growth. It also means that God continues to entrust us with his people and we must be diligent to care for them with love and prayer.