NIGER 08 Mission Trip | February 13-29

In less than two months, BBC will be sending a mission team back to Niger, West Africa. The team’s mission will be focused on praying for the Tamashek people, helping build relationships, sharing testimonies of God’s salvation, acting as a living witness to the gospel, and encouraging our IMB missionaries. The second week of the trip, Pastor John will be teaching a class called, ‘What Christians Believe.’ Lord willing, this will be the blueprint for a taped message that will be distributed among the Tamashek people as an evangelistic tool.

Member and friends of BBC can still be involved with this trip in three ways. First, and most importantly, pray. We want to bathe every detail of the trip in prayer – from our continuing efforts to raise funds, to the travel there and back, to their health, to their spiritual strength, to their holiness and walk with Christ, to the long-terms effects of their trip, and just about every other part of the trip. We want this trip to help bring light to spiritual darkness. Pray that God would have his hand of blessing on this trip – for his glory, not ours.

Secondly, you can donate supplies needed for the trip. The team will need to prepare at least half of their own meals while in Niger. You can help by donating food for the trip that we will take with us (like last year). Also, like last year, we will be taking over some special items for the missionaries. They cannot give many things that we can and by bringing with us some small ‘gifts’ we can encourage them and help them feel loved and appreciated by their Christian brothers and sisters back here in the States. Lists are posted on the notice board.

Third, you can give financially. Consider giving a special offering beyond your normal giving specifically designated to the mission trip. This will help pay for the costs of airfare and lodging in Niger. Given the earlier than anticipated date of the trip, fund-raising has not as extensive for this trip as the previous trip. Any little amount will help.