Update from Paris

Thursday, February 14

In Cinncinati we were held up because of a medical emergency.  While we were being de-iced a man sitting next to John and in front of me passed out cold for an unknown reason.  They had to taxi us back to the terminal and drop him and his wife off.  The couple wanted to go on and said this had happened before but the airline would not allow them to continue.  Needless to say that slowed us down considerably which caused us to miss our conneting flight in Paris.  We are laid over in Paris for the night and will now get to Niger by way of Casablanca.  John is trying to reach Warren and Sharon now to give them the update. Hopefully they get the message before heading to the airport in Niamey.  We should arrive in Niger on Saturday now instead of Friday.  We will catch up on our rest while we are here.  – Denise