The Annie Armstrong Easter Offering began in 1895 to help support missions efforts in North America. In 1934, the offering was named for Annie Armstrong, a leaders for mission who helped start the Womens Missionary Union (WMU). This AA offering helps support over 5,300 missionaries in the United States and Canada.

These missionaries – our missionaries – start new churches; engage in student evangelism on college campuses; serve the physical and spiritual needs of people through inner-city Baptist centers; serve in local Baptist associations as associational missionary or other mission staff; provide training and ministry in apologetics (interfaith witness) evangelism; minister in resort settings such as campgrounds and ski areas . . . all with money we give to support them! The astonishing fact is that 75% of people in North America are not saved.

Our church’s goal for this year is $300.00; please prayerfully consider how you can willingly, sacrificially, and cheerfully contribute to our work of church planting and evangelism in North America.