Prayer Request (Updated, Again)

Pray for Gene today as he is scheduled for surgery tomorrow.  Last night he went to the hospital with chest pains.  A test this morning showed a blockage in his heart.  Since he is working nights, he is sleeping all day so no visitors, please.  He will talk with the surgeon tonight and we’ll know more then.

EDIT ->  Pat called me and Gene is scheduled for a double-bypass tomorrow mornign at 7:00am.  He’ll likely be in the hospital for 4-5days afterward with several weeks for “full” recovery time.   They are asking for NO visitors tonight before the surgery.

EDIT 2 -> Pat called me a little while ago and said the surgery went well.  Gene will be in recovery the rest of the day on a ventilator (so again, no visitors).  Pat will let us know Sunday if Gene will be up to seeing visitors.