Praying for the City

In the coming weeks, BBC will renew its commitment to praying for the city. Most recently, we have done this through prayer walking. Prayer walking is, as one person has said, “Praying on-sight with insight, nearer and clearer.” Prayer walking is a method for prayer that allows us to see firsthand the needs that should be prayed for. It allows us to see what we cannot imagine at home and so pray more effectively. It puts us in the midst of the request and so pulls in our affections and unites our hearts and minds in prayer. Prayer walking allows us to see the harvest fields and be emboldened to pray to the Lord of the harvest. Even if we can’t walk we can drive around the city, or stop and pray over a certain area. Our plan is to pray over the entire city in the coming months. More information about organized times of prayer will be available soon. Until then, feel free to pray on your own. Check for places that have yet been covered on the prayer map in the main hallway.