Roof Team Assistance

Now that decision about the building has been made, it’s important that we move fast to firm up all the details related to the work team willing to come up and help us with our roof.  They are planning to come October 25 – November 3. The biggest need while they are here is food.  We need to provide their meals for them while they are here.  This will at least involve lunch being brought to, or prepared at, the building each day.  Depending on sleeping arrangements, they might need all meals prepared for them at the building.  This brings up the second important need – housing. If we are unable to get some campers for them to stay in at the building, then we will be asking members to house one or two of the men and provide them transportation to and from the building.  Finally, we need some men who will work alongside them during the project.  They are asking for at least four others to work with them.  Even if you cannot come to work everyday, any amount of time will be helpful.  If you can help with any of these things, please see one of the elders or Deacon Gene Keysor.