New Order of Service

Recently, we began a new order to our weekly worship service. It’s designed to be built around the gospel with an emphasis on revelation, renewal, and response. Revelation: the service begins emphasizing who God is—his glory, majesty, and power. It’s the beginning of the gospel message, telling us of the one who created us, the one who deserves our worship and service.  Renewal: Here we acknowledge that we have not given God the worship he deserves, rebelling against him instead. It’s a time to confess our sinfulness, yet also be reminded that through faith in Christ and his work on the cross we are accepted by God despite our sinfulness. Response: finally, we respond to what we have been reminded of—the gospel. It’s a time to willingly and gratefully hear God’s Word and be transformed by it. It’s a time to show our response to God by the giving of our offering, encouraging his people, and living for his glory.