What Is The Reformation?


So what’s the deal with this Reformation stuff, anyway?  That’s what some of you may be thinking, so here is a little primer for those of you who may not have been around long or who want to know more.  We have included both print articles and audio that you can download.  For the really curious, we have even listed some good books that you can order online or through the BBC BookShop.


The Reformation took place from around 1500-1700.  It was a time of reforming the church back to what it had been, seeking to regain the clear message of the gospel.  The Reformation was led by men who loved God’s church and its Savior, Jesus Christ.  There desire was not to cause trouble, but to strengthen God’s church to God’s glory.  The result though was controversy and difficulty and sometimes even death for those who said the Roman Church had it wrong. In the end, the Reformation was about the gospel–making clear how sinners were made right with God.

Basic Information about the Reformation

Major People in the Reformation

Theology that Came Out of the Reformation

Book Resources