GPS 2010: Gospel Proclamation

There are several events coming up soon that will form the core of our efforts to reach our city for Christ this year. Please read over and note carefully these events on your calendar. Plan to make these things a priority this year!

20 Days of Prayer: March 1-20

Praying at home, praying through and for the community—we are seeking God’s face as we prepare to launch out into the city with the gospel. This will be an emphasis in our gathered services, and city prayer walking/driving, but should also be an emphasis in your own prayer life. Look for a prayer guide related to this soon.

Missional Prayer Event: March 20
The culmination of our 20 Days of Prayer will be Saturday, March 20. Here we will gather together for a special prayer service in the morning, then go out into the city for prayer, gathering back together for lunch and fellowship.

Gospel Advance: March 27
This day will require a large measure of commitment as we go to 2500 doors across the city, dropping off door-hangers containing a gospel tract and an invitation to come to our Easter service.

Outreach Easter Service: April 4

As we do every year, we will gather together to celebrate the Risen Savior on Easter Sunday. However, this year, the emphasis will be different. Having invited 2500 individuals or families, we will need to be flexible as to what we usually do this year, with the goal of reaching our city with the gospel in prayer, song, and word through a display of Christ-like love.

Discipleship: April 11

We are praying that the Lord brings a harvest on Easter Sunday. And if he does, what do you do with several new believers? Make disciples. The elders aren’t sure what form this will take, but we are thinking it will involve the assimilation of new people into our
community groups (possibly the formation of new groups), and some kind of Basics of the Christian Faith sermon mini-series. Please pray for us to have wisdom in this, and be prepared to join as we seek to make disciples for the glory of Christ.