GPS 2010: Easter Weekend and Beyond

This Easter will be an incredible opportunity for us to reach out to the community!  Here are the various changes and places of services that we will need to make this happen:

Easter Sunday Schedule
To accommodate the potential number of people we are inviting, we are planning on having four services on Sunday: 7:00am (Sunrise Service), 8:30a, 10:00am, and 11:30am.  We need everyone’s help during these services!  A sign-up is on the main bulletin board highlighting areas of service.  Specifically, we are looking for nursery workers and greeters. However, we also need service-goers!  What we don’t want is a service with 10 visitors and no one else. Please consider coming to one service for yourself, then staying to work another service, and then hanging around to see if you’re needed to fill out another service with a low number of visitors.  The fellowship hall will be stocked with coffee and snacks where you can pray and fellowship if you’re not needed.

The Week After Easter Schedule
Okay, so what happens if a lot of people show up on Easter and then many of them come back the next week?  We want to be prepared, so we are planning to have two services for the initial weeks after Easter.  If they are not needed, then we will go back down to one service, or make other changes based on need.  We will be offering Bible Study and Sunday School during both times–new classes which will begin that week.  All other classes will wrap up the week before Easter.  This means we will need at least three more children’s classes teachers.  There will be lots of other areas of service in the coming weeks. Please be prayerful and open to serving!  Also, we want our members to understand that these changes are a temporary solution to the very good problem of having lots of new people!  Our long-term plan is not to have multiple services, but to gather together as one body each week in one service in the new building.