Prayer and Fasting for Revival

In 2006, Crossway began setting aside the first Wednesday of every month as a day of prayer and fasting.  This emphasis has fallen by the wayside a little, and we want to be reminded of it.  This week our Wednesday will be set aside for a day of prayer and fasting for revival. The fast can be a total or partial fast from food and drink.  If health concerns prevent you fasting from food, you can fast from media (television, radio, internet), or almost anything.  The point is that you are setting aside time from something good to spend time in prayer, talking with the Giver of that good thing.  Specifically, this week, we are setting aside time to pray for God to spiritually revive his people around the world.  True revival is sovereign work of God’s Holy Spirit, producing an unusual awakening of spiritual life among God’s people, resulting in an awesome awareness of God, a sincere repentance for sin, a deep longing for God and holiness, and an effective passion to reach the unsaved.  We cannot force God to send revival.  But through constant prayer, we can show him how much we long to see him move in an extraordinary way among his people.  When you pray, concentrate on confessing sin and submitting yourself to God, and asking for him to make his glory known among the nations.  Revival should bring glory to God, not those who ask for it. For more information on prayer, fasting, or revival you can go to