Missionary Moments 3-30

GUY MUSE leads strategy planning for his team in Guayaquil, Ecuador. In November 2009, 15 church planters received instruction in how to encourage and support a church planting movement. They went out and practiced what they learned, and one month later, 14 new outreach groups had been started, and more than 100 souls had been added to the Kingdom. Two of these newly forming churches have already gone to second-generation church plants! God’s Kingdom is growing in Ecuador because you pray and because you faithfully support missions through the Cooperative Program (CP) and the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. Add Guy, the church planters, and the new believers in Ecuador to your prayer list this week. Romans 11:12-14 – The Hebrew people were chosen by God to witness to all nations. But instead, they became self-centered and mismanaged the blessings God provided. Mismanaging or withholding our witness or money diminishes our influence for God and good.