Missionary Moments – April 13

North American missionary VICKIE STEWART has a passion for reaching college students with the Gospel. As Baptist campus minister at Morgan State University, the fastest growing African-American college in Maryland, Vickie is actively sharing the Gospel, establishing a Baptist presence on campus, and encouraging students to attend church and share their faith with fellow students. Many students are spiritually hungry and searching for relationships, relevance, and spiritual truth, but are not finding what they want. Vickie knows that Jesus has a plan and purpose for these students. With our commitment to putting love in action through the Cooperative Program and the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering, Vickie and her team can ensure that they can find the only thing that will truly satisfy, a personal relationship with Christ. Pray for Vickie and the students at Morgan State this week. STATEMENT: Exodus 19:5-6a – We learn from God how to give. When we recognize His ownership of everything, our giving assumes a proper perspective. Our commitment to giving a tithe and more to God through our church is one way of saying to God, “Thanks for letting me use what belongs to You.”