Resurrection Sunday

The death and resurrection of the Jesus Christ is the central event for the Christian faith. Through his death on the cross, Jesus was our substitute. He paid the penalty for our sinfulness, suffering under God’s wrath against our wickedness. But Jesus did not stay dead, and was raised back to life on the third day after he was crucified. Many people will admit that Jesus was killed, but few believe he was raised from the dead. Yet, believing in Jesus’ resurrection is essential to the Christian faith. One cannot call himself a Christian and not believe that Jesus was raised back to life from the dead. Paul says that without the resurrection the Christian faith is useless and we are the pitiable among all peoples. Jesus’ resurrection proved he was the messiah, showed that his sacrificial death was pleasing to God, and serves as a promise that one day God’s people will also be raised back to life to live with him forever without sin. Thus, Resurrection (or Easter) Sunday is most exciting day of worship for Christians as we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection and remember his promise of forgiveness and new life for us. The Lord is risen, he is risen indeed!