Missionary Moments – May 26

ROGER and COURTNEY HAMPTON are working to reach the business community of Bangkok, Thailand, with the help of your willingness to put love in action through the Cooperative Program. Their year has been spent in language school so they can speak to the Thai professionals in their heart language. They know how important language will be in developing relationships and sharing the Gospel in Thailand. They are seeking national partners who are already believers and have connections in the city. The Hamptons hope that the business people they reach can be trained to reach others in their social networks. Through these efforts, they pray that churches will start in the professional community of the city. Join the Hamptons in this prayer as you spend time with the Lord this week. STATEMENT Romans 13:7-8 – A part of Christian stewardship is being a good citizen. Taxes are to be paid when due, thus fulfilling our obligation. The one part of Christian stewardship that can never be satisfied is our need to express love. Loving, as expressed in giving, is an ongoing characteristic of a Christian.