Missionary Moments – June 9

For the past five years, STEVE and JUDY ANDERSON have served as boarding home parents in Manila, Philippines. The boarding home is a place where the children of other missionaries live while they are in school. Steve and Judy partner with many Southeast Asian families, whose children live in Manila. Their role allows them to provide love and care to high school students who do not have their parents close by. “One of the truly exciting things about our work … is the opportunity we have to see students grow in maturity and in their walk with the Lord. They gain avenues of independence that allow them to face life challenges later on,” Steve and Judy said. Your support of missions through CP empowers the ministry of our missionaries while providing for their families as well. Pray for the children of our missionaries this week. 1 Corinthians 4:1-2 The Bible challenges Christians to be faithful stewards. In this Scripture, Paul uses the word stewardship in the context of sharing the Gospel. Faithful giving is one way we can help share the Gospel and express our stewardship.