Missionary Moments – June 26

JULIE WARREN” moved to an Asian city called Red Mountain to begin new work as a trailblazer. She teaches in a local college that allows her access to the city. Prior to her arrival, many of the teachers and students searched for a Bible, but were never able to find one until Julie was able to share some with them. They began asking questions about a God who loves them. Soon, three groups of believers started meeting, and a church has formed in the city, thanks in part to your prayers and your willingness to partner with sister churches through the Cooperative Program. God is moving in a city where the work is in the beginning stages. Pray for Julie, the new believers, and for the work to grow and expand.

1 Timothy 5:8 Fathers are to be responsible for managing the affairs of their families. Providing the material necessities for one’s family is as much a part of Christian stewardship as giving to God. But providing for one’s family and giving to God should be kept in line.