Missionary Moments – June 30

For many, living in inner-city Columbus, Ohio, means loneliness, hopelessness, and searching for something that will take away their pain and suffering. But God is using North American missionary RICH HALCOMBE and your commitment to reaching people through the Cooperative Program and the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering, to reach those same people through new churches and various ministries. Rich assists churches by providing resources, networking churches, and planting new congregations. The association’s inner-city ministry, the Stowe Baptist Center, allows people to experience Christ’s love in action and meet a God who can provide for their physical and spiritual needs. Take a moment and ask God to continue to use the churches of the Metro Columbus Baptist Association, and Rich Halcombe to reach unbelievers with the Gospel. Matthew 16:26 The answer to the first question in this Scripture is “nothing.” The answer to the second question can be that the Christian gives whatever he can back to God because God has given him eternal life. We also give to help share the Gospel with others.