Missionary Moments – July 22

“JACK and SELENA LINDELL” assist the rural people of Asia. At their farm they conduct training events in agriculture, livestock, forestry, forages, water, Bible, and church planting. “We train villagers, church leaders, and Westerners in simple, reproducible methods that will help poor farmers increase their standard of living and have the resources to reach out to the hundreds of villages around them,” Jack and Selena said. Christian workers trained in these methods take these new ideas to the villages where they want to share the Gospel. Their knowledge and training allow them to gain access and garner trust among the villagers. The power of your prayers and your participation in CP is amazing to behold. People are coming to faith through strategies of implementing corn test plots, raising chickens, and fattening cows. Pray that the Lindells will continue to find open doors to the Gospel in rural Asia. Exodus 20:3 In almost everything we do there are reference points. The first commandment is important in reference to our giving. Christians are good stewards when they live, give, and care in a way that puts God first; in a way that says, “God is owner, we are managers.”