Special-Called Business Meeting – March 25

Jason Skidmore is pursuing training for teaching at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. We rejoice with him in this! However, SBTS isn’t interested in people who like theology; they want people who love the Church and desire to serve it. Thus, each student requires a church recommendation. This isn’t something the elders can approve, but the whole church must recommend him. Therefore, immediately after the morning service on March 25, we will have a special called business meeting with the intent to affirm or deny this statement regarding Jason: “We affirm that the applicant is a member in good standing of this church and demonstrates the appropriate character, ability, and knowledge as necessary for one seeking ministerial leadership.” Jason’s desire to is pursue a term of service with the International Mission Board and we, as elders, are delighted to see him pursue this direction. Please prayerfully consider this vote and feel free to ask him or us any questions you may have.