Deacon Nominations

The elders are asking for nominations for new
deacons. Given the amount of responsibilities we have,
we are looking people the congregation feels meet the
criteria to serve in the diaconal ministry. So, carefully
read over Acts 6:1-6 and 1 Tim 3:8-10, 12-13 (for men),
3:11 (for women). You can submit two nominations
directly to the pastors or fill out a nomination form and
put it in the offering. Nominations should be submitted
on May 27 or June 3. From your nominations, the pastors
will filter the candidates based on the results of a testing
interview (1 Tim 3:10). Qualified candidates will be
submitted on July 1 and voting will take place on July 15.
Please bathe this process, including your own
nominations, in prayer. Contact any one of the pastors if
you have any questions.