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Welcome to Crossway Christian Church!

Thanks for stopping by our site.  We hope as you look around you will find all that you need to learn about who we are and the what resources we offer for those who desire to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ. If you don’t know why Jesus is so important, or what difference he can make in your life, take a few minutes and watch this video.

If you have questions about our church, please don’t hesitate to contact us or stop by during one of our services.

What We Are About

We desire to be a cross-centered community.  That means that we who as a church–what we teach and how we live–is based on and centered around the cross of Jesus Christ.  In going to the cross, Jesus revealed who God is to humanity.  God shows himself to be both holy and welcoming of sinners, both just and merciful, both wrathful and loving.  Through the cross, God showed himself to be a God who gives sinners what they do not deserve: salvation from his wrath.  That message lies at the center of our teaching and life together: there is hope because God saves sinners.  This is good news because he does out of his love, not because we are worthy of it or can earn it.  So, we not only want to share this message of the cross, but live out it’s message of love and grace in the midst of holiness. 

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