Show Notes for Crossway Connected 2.7

Crossway Connected Episode 2.7 is out and available for download. This episode was recorded at the Desiring God National Conference 2014. In this episode, we recap the conference and get a chance to interview author Adrian Warnock (Hope Reborn), author and pastor Daniel Montgomery (Sojourn Community Church, PROOF), and Daniel Patz (President of Northland International University). Download the Episode here.






Here is some more information on the show:

This week’s opening was provided by Timothy Brindle.  Timothy Brindle is a well-known rapper on the Lampmode label. We caught up with him at the DG National Conference while he was at the Westminster Theological Seminary booth. Brindle is currently a student there. As a rapper, he has most recently appeared on Shai Linne’s Lyrical Theology, Part 2: Doxology as well as his own album, The Restoration.  You can also listen to some of Brindle’s sermons here.  Brindle was great to talk to–a regular guy who loves Christ and wanted to encourage a couple of fellow believers.  It was a joy to meet him, hear a small part of his testimony, and rejoice in the gospel with him!

We recorded this episode at the Desiring God National Conference. This was the last national conference Desiring God will be doing for the foreseeable future.  The theme was “Look at the Book” and it was based on his new ministry emphasis, walking people through the process of looking at the Bible.  During the main sessions John Piper walked us through Romans 8 and explained why it is the greatest chapter in the Bible. You can find all of the talks from that conference here. You can also find the Lab videos and notes on the DG site. We discuss more about the content of the conference as well as our impressions and takeaways of it.

Our first book interview is with Adrian Warnock. Adrian Warnock is well-known in the UK where he hails from. A of Jubilee Church in London, Warnock also runs a blog on Patheos.  When we met up with him at the DG National Conference, I jokingly said he was the “British Challies.” He wasn’t sure how to take that, but I meant it as a compliment–Warnock is an influential blogger and writer. Much to my delight, he’s also a fan of Doctor Who!  Warnock was very gracious to talk with us about his new book, co-authored with pastor Tope Koleoso, Hope Reborn.  In addition to hearing about this great resource, it was encouraging just to get to know him a little and hear what God was doing in his life and ministry.

Our second book interview is with Daniel Montgomery.  Known as “Monty” to his friends (not really), Daniel is a busy pastor of Sojourn Community Church in Louisville, KY.  John first met Daniel while they were students together at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  There, John had the great privilege of looking at the back of Daniel’s head for a semester of Hebrew.  Despite that close friendship, Daniel was very generous with his time, discussing his new book called, PROOF: Finding Freedom through the Intoxicating Joy of Irresistible Grace. Written with professor Timothy Paul Jones, it’s designed to bring a robust theology of grace to modern minds and hearts.

Our final interview is with Daniel Patz. Daniel Patz is President of Northland International University. Doug has a special love for Northland because of the role it’s students played in his conversion, which you can hear about in the interview. The University is pursuing a closer relationship with the Southern Baptist Convention, especially the SBTS. We had the pleasure of hearing about these things and were also excited to hear about all of the exciting things Northland is doing to prepare students for servant leadership and gospel advance.