Adult Discipleship Class – November 27, 2016


Class Notes: Article IIC – God the Holy Spirit (pdf)

This fall we started our new Adult Discipleship Class. We will study through our church’s statement of faith, the Baptist Faith and Message 2000. The Baptist Faith and Message has the Southern Baptist Convention for over 90 years. Originally adopted in 1925 (with revisions in 1963 and 2000), it has unified our denomination doctrinally, allowing cooperation between churches and clarifying our theological positions. It clearly defines what we believe about the Scriptures, about God, about mankind, about salvation in Jesus Christ alone, and how we should live out the implications of the Gospel, both individually and corporately. As we study through this confession this fall, our hope as elders is for all of us to see how Scripture informed and shaped this the BFM2000, and how these truths affect our lives.

You can find the Baptist Faith and Message (and associated scripture links) online here.

We are using resources from LifeWay and Rowman & Littlefield to help guide us through this study.