Sermon – January 15, 2017


Colossians 4:2-6: The Christian’s Speech in the World (mp3)


God cares very much how we speak.  God has spoken to make all things, through his Word he has created all that we see; it makes sense then that we, who are made in his image, should also be careful with our speech.  Paul instructs us today about our speech, both before God in prayer and before humans in evangelism.

Let your prayers be:

1. Steadfast

Do not give up in prayer!  While God does not always grant a “yes” to your requests, understand that he only gives what is best to you.  Trust that one who has given you Jesus Christ will with him give you all good things.

2. Watchful

Look around, not only for things to pray for, but also for God’s answers to your prayers.  This is protective for you! By being watchful, you will be better equipped to see God as the source of all your good things.

3. Thankful

By being steadfast and watchful in prayer, you will also be more thankful.  The more you see God standing behind every good thing, the easier it will be for you to give him the thanks that he so richly deserves.        

4. Kingdom Focused

Many times our prayers go unanswered because they are focused on the wrong things.  Paul’s focus was laser-like, centered on the Kingdom of God and not on his own personal desires.  True, rich and abiding prayers has this as a focus.

Let your speech before people be:

1. Mindful

Be wise in how you spend your time.  Are you using it for the kingdom, and here specifically for the proclamation of the gospel?

2. Gracious

Your speech should always be about the grace of our God and gracious in its presentation!

3. Wise

Lastly, your speech should be wise!  Know how to answer people when they ask about the hope that it is in you.  More than that, know people well enough to see where the gospel is most effective in their lives.


Your speech should glorify Jesus in every way. Whether you are speaking to God in prayer for Jesus’ kingdom, or to humans about Jesus’ kingdom, glorify Christ with your words!