Sermon – February 5, 2017


3 John – Missions and Support (mp3)


Last week we considered the need for care when considering who we supported.  We cannot lend aid and support to those who preach a false gospel, no matter how loving it seemed, as it slandered the truth.  Today, John warns us about keeping our support back from those who do deserve it.  We are wise to give support to missions because

1. We get to encourage missionaries

The support that we give not only provides physically for the missionaries, but also encourages them in the knowledge that they are not alone.

2. We get to partner with missionaries

Our support not only encourages them, but it even aids us!  Just as we cannot give our support to those who preach false-gospels because it ties us to that false-gospel, so our support of the right preaching of the gospel ties us to missionary work in the field.

3. We get to be God’s provision for missionaries

Christians should rightly reject the world’s aid in missions, but lean wholly upon God’s gracious provision.  This happens, church, through your giving to the IMB and among other missions organizations.

4. We get to be an example of love to missionaries

When the missionaries returned to John’s church, it was clear that knew well that they were the recipients of Gaius’ love and care.  Gaius set an example, not only among the people that knew him, but also to John’s church.  Let us do the same!

John, however, also gives us bad reasons to not support missions!  Don’t keep from supporting missions because of:

1. Authority
­­­2. ­Pride
3. Gossip
4. Tribalism


We have been commanded by God to support the proclamation of his gospel to the ends of the earth.  This is not a command simply for our duty, but for our joy.  That we might join with others in the church to proclaim the glory of Christ to a lost and dying world.  Let us take the opportunities that God has given us!