Sermon – February 18, 2018


The Spiritual Kingdom of God – Psalm 24 (mp3)

It has been said of this Psalm that it was to be used as a song. But for what occasion, there is not complete agreement between commentators. Some would say it was to be sung when the Ark of the Covenant came in or out of the Temple. Some would say it was sung at the dedication of the Temple, another thought of it as a song of triumph – of those returning victorious from war. It surely speaks of the spiritual Kingdom of God. Not just a physical kingdom, like an earthly king would possess, but the domain that God commands. This Psalm contains a blessed prophecy respecting Christ and the glory of his Kingdom.

1. The God of Ownership (vv. 1-2)

  • God has absolute propriety over all creation
  • God still reserved ownership
  • Those who dwell in God’s creation are His also
  • Not only what he owns, but why:

1. He made it
2. He made it as no one else could
3. He continues what He has established

2. The God of Kinship (vv. 3-6)

  • All of God’s creation is His, and all of mankind that inhabits it
  • God calls a people to Himself, His peculiar (chosen) people
  • The God of Kingship is the God who adopts believers into His family
  • Characteristics of God’s peculiar people
  • They receive His particular blessings

3. The God of Kingship (vv. 7-10)

  • The King of Glory in the form of the Ark of the Covenant (see Josh 3:11)
  • The King standing at the heart of believers ready to come in
  • Victorious King Jesus’ entrance into heaven
  • The Spirit of the King lives in His people

Believers must seek to make God Lord over every part of their lives. Seek His will continually, hold nothing back. Acknowledge the Kingdom of God and how His redeeming work on the cross has made you part of it. For those who are not Christian, continue to hear His Word. Ask God to change your heart so you too may live a life honoring to Him.