Sermon – September 2, 2018


Psalm 25 – To You, O Lord, I Lift Up My Soul (mp3)

In this Psalm, David speaks to us today in a way that is very relatable. He is facing severe difficulty from his enemies, but trusts the Lord and praises his holy name throughout.

1. David’s Petition to the Lord (vv. 1-7)
While David’s foes surround him, he demonstrates complete trust in the Lord, and faith is the center of his plea to God. If God does all we ask but doesn’t teach us his ways, he cannot be the God of our salvation!

2. David’s Praise of the Lord (vv. 8-15)
David’s praise for God forms the center of his song. And well it should: while God is good and upright, he still desires to instruct sinners in his ways! What is even more amazing, is that God does this because he has attached his good name to sinners! This is not to make much out of sinners, but out of God. God calls sinners, instructs them in his ways, to make his glory known.

3. David’s Hope in the Lord (vv. 16-22)
While David has much to complain about, it is worth noting that he is not complaining about the Lord, but to him. David knows where his ultimate hope lies; he knows that what he needs can finally only be given him by the Lord. Likewise, our hope must always be based on the Rock of our salvation, not on our own strength.


  • God’s people always rely on God’s mercy and grace
  • Greater trouble should yield greater trust
  • Our most pressing need is always the spiritual condition of the soul
  • Do not be surprised that the world opposes you
  • Consider the privilege of coming before the Lord in prayer