Sermon – August 18, 2019


1 Timothy 4:6-16 – Work in the House of God (mp3)

Our God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. And while he never changes – we do nothing but change! It is in the very nature that God has given to us. We are forever learning, experiencing, morphing. Given that, what kind of assurance do we have that we won’t fall away from the God who has saved us? While we know that Jesus holds fast all who are his – what is the human side of that equation? What is our responsibility before the Lord? Shall we simply “let go and let God” or is more required? Let us consider this today, as we look to Paul’s advice to his young protégé Timothy, and how Timothy ought to work in God’s grace.

1. Make work your favorite
Paul would not have Timothy, whom he thinks so much of, believe that he had arrived, or was now immovable in the faith. Rather, he encourages Timothy to push forward in the faith, even while resting on what he has learned. In this, Paul uses a metaphor of physical labor to describe what the work of growing in godliness is like. Friends, do not rest on your laurels. Do not suppose that grace means that there is no work for you to do. Rather, strive and toil, for the living God gives you assurance of help and aid in your labor!

2. Make work your fame
While 1 Timothy 4:6-10 look at how you should work privately, vv. 11-16 scream for you to make your work known publicly. Timothy was to command and teach, to read and exhort to make sure that all knew. He was to live his life in such a way as to not be despised, and so that all could see his evident progress in the Lord. You may not be gifted to preach and teach, but you have been gifted by God through the virtue of knowing the Holy Spirit. Use your gifts! Find places to serve! Let all see how God has worked in you. In doing so, you give assurance to yourself that God truly has saved you through his grace, and you give confidence in his ability to work among others.