Sermon – September 22, 2019


Acts 26:1-29 – A.C.T.: The Testimony of Paul before Agrippa II (mp3)

This chapter in Acts is not the first time Paul has had occasion to defend himself. It tells of a man who is bold to point to Christ for a life that has been changed. His testimony is not that of a man who is giving witness in his own defense, but that of a man who can only give public profession of what Christ has done is his life. His example is worth a good look – not only to encourage us but also to show us how we too can be a witness for Christ.

1. Remember your audience
Paul, enchained and under guard, was given an opportunity to tell his story before King Agrippa. Knowing the man to whom he spoke, his understanding of the OT and of the things the Jewish people held to, used King Agrippa’s knowledge to help lead and guide him to the truth. Friends, understand the opportunities that you are given, and take advantage of them. Do not waste them, for you don’t know what the future might hold.

2. Remember your conversion
When giving you testimony, as Paul is doing here, it is important to focus on what Christ has done for us, and not to overstate or overplay your previous sin. Paul focuses on his sin, but does so only to highlight the grace of God in giving him new life. His sin is not played up for its own sake, but only to show the great love of Christ in relief. Remember your conversion! You were lost, and you are now found; you were blind, but now you see! Such stories are powerful witnesses to the grace of Jesus Christ our Lord.

3. Remember the truth
Paul’s testimony was given at a great cost – so great that he admitted that he could only stand and give it because God had helped him! So may it be for us. We often fear people, worry about what they will think or say. Yet, Paul knew the truth, and pressed it upon Agrippa and Festus. Friends, always remember the truth of Christ, his great work on the cross and the great salvation that that work has afforded us!