Bible Reading Plan – January 29-February 4

Leviticus Poster

Leviticus is a challenging book, but as we noted before, it is extremely relevant for our understanding of who Christ is and what he has come to do.

Leviticus is the story about how a holy God can interact, and indeed dwell, with a sinful people. Yet, it is a story of an incomplete relationship: God dwells near his people, but not with them directly; God’s instructions cover his people’s sin, but do not take them fully away (see Hebrews 10:1-4). This atonement or covering in blood is the heart of the Pentateuch; found in the middle of the middle book of the Pentateuch. While Leviticus’ answers to the problems of sin and sin’s pollution are incomplete, it looks for a time when God will dwell richly with his people, intimately with them, with neither a mediator nor sin diluting the relationship. It looks forward to Jesus.