Sermon – Christmas Eve, 2020

Luke 1:46-55 – The Song of the Humble (mp3)

Christmas is a time for rejoicing. It is a time of celebration. The darkness is fading, for light has come into the world. God has taken the final steps to secure his victory over evil and sin in the world. Therefore, he sends his angels in advance, to speak of this great news of gloriously good joy. But he sends them, not to the mighty and powerful, but to the meek and lowly. He sends them to Mary, not a princess; to shepherds not Herod or Caesar; to Zechariah not the high priests.

Mary’s song, famously known as the Magnificat, is a song of the power of the Lord, his goodness and kindness. It is a reminder that the grace of our God, found in Jesus Christ’s birth, death, and resurrection to secure our redemption from sin, is for everyone. The gospel is for all who would believe. All may have their sins forgiven, their lives reconciled with God, and their deliverance from the present evil age delivered through the work of Jesus Christ if they would only believe.

But not quite everyone. For, in order to truly believe in the gospel, there is one requirement. Need. You must know your need, know your desperation, know your lostness. Therefore, the gospel is for the lowly, the poor, the despondent, the meek of the world. And so are the songs that we sing during Christmas. They are not for the Herods, the Caesars, the mighty and the proud. They are the songs of sinners, those who are humble, poor, weak, and oppressed. These songs of joy are for those who seek for a Savior. And praise God! One is born to us in a manger. He is meek, mild, humble, poor. He comes to be like those he will save. So, friends, let us sing these songs of joy, knowing the exultation that Jesus brings! Hallelujah, what a Savior!