Sermon – March 7, 2021

James 5:1-11 – One Nation Under God (mp3)

James will end his epistle in Chapter 5 with his subject matter being a reflection of his heart. He was a godly man who was led by the one true God to be his witness as well as the author of this epistle. James lived a life of obedience to God’s Word and law and a devotion to prayer. Today we will look at the first half of Chapter 5, verses 1-11. His audience is sinners and saints. The second half of Chapter 5 is centered on prayer, and we’ll look at that at a later date. Today’s Scripture has two topics. First, the faithless and merciless will be condemned. Second, he call believers to patiently persevere in the faith.

1. The condemnation of sinners
James begins by pointing to the oppression, deception, and evil that encumbers many rich hearts. These need to be made aware that their great wealth and possessions, in which they find so much comfort, will not always comfort them. Rather, their evil deeds will find them out in the end.

2. The commission of the saints
The believers, on the other hand, are encouraged by James to await the justice of God, and follow the pattern laid out for them in the nature of farmers, the prophets, and Job. We can persist even through the worst persecution because we know that the judge will indeed come, that evil will be dealt with, and that good fruit will come. So cast your faith upon Jesus, who is sure to come and judge the quick and the dead!