Sermon – May 23, 2021

Romans 1:24-32 – The Wreckage in the Flood (mp3)

One year ago this week, the dam at Edenville broke, sending some 2.8 billion cubic feet of water downstream, eventually causing the Sanford dam to break, and destroying the small town of Sanford. Even as the waters rescinded, the misery continued, as the devastation lingered, for many, even to this day. Our idolatry has broken the dam of our sin, and we now find that we are awash in it. In the last of Romans 1, Paul helps us to see our great predicament, and begins to prepare the path for the great salvation we are afforded in Christ.

1. Our idolatry chooses brokenness over blessing
When we reject God as God, and replace him with a lesser God, we forsake the very purpose for which we were made. That purpose is ultimately to give our Creator glory. When we forge other gods, we cannot possibly perform the purpose for which we were made. Thus, we will undoubtedly dishonor our bodies – dishonor our very selves in our sin. The most clear example of this is homosexuality. It is clear and obvious that men and women were created for one another sexually in the physiology of their bodies. Yet, sin rejects this. Paul chooses this, not to further stigmatize homosexuality, but as a pertinent example of what all sin does: rejects the purpose of our creation. Ultimately, we choose brokenness over “the Creator, who is blessed forever! Amen.”

2. Our idolatry chooses floundering over flourishing
The opening of v. 28 and the closing of v. 32 both explain what we, in our idolatry, find worthwhile. We have rejected God’s worth, and ascribe to the worthiness of sin. We understand what God desires, knowing that he has promised punishment for sin, and yet we still think that sin is a worthwhile pursuit. We choose to flounder in our sin, and to remain in it, over the flourishing that God promises us in Christ. Yet, Christ has shown us a better way. Christians, let us throw off all our sins, and trust by faith what Christ promises as flourishing!