Sermon – August 29, 2021

Romans 5:12-14 – The Inheritance of Guilt


The passage we come to today is fraught with difficulties. It is the subject of much debate, both in that parts are difficult to put together, and in that so much rides on our interpretation of them. To manage this difficulty, we will walk slowly through these verses, which on their own are only a prelude to a bigger and better point that Paul wishes to make. Yet, if we do not understand these words correctly, we can misconstrue that larger point, and miss the glory of the work of Jesus for us. What does Adam’s sin and guilt have to do with us? Let us turn to Romans 5:12-14 and hear the Word of our God.

1. The entrance of sinfulness

2. The exclusion of sin

3. The inheritance of guilt

4. The insanity of rejection