Sermon – October 3, 2021

The Book of Hosea – A Wayward People (mp3)


The book of Hosea is well known for many passages. Even so, readers may find the book daunting as it stands, mixing metaphors and, it seems, even messages. Israel has been adulterous to their God, unfaithful to the last. The Lord, therefore, will cut them off from his presence, and bring all of the curses of the law’s failing down upon them. Yet, in the same breath, Hosea makes it clear that God will also forgive, pardon, and show almost impossible mercy. This mystery of God’s wrath and love, mixed and poured out, is answered ultimately in Jesus Christ, the sacrifice for our sins, and the husband who makes faithful the unfaithful bride.

1. Israel is adulterous

2. The priests are duplicitous

3. Their sin is continuous

4. The Lord is ferocious

5. The Lord is gracious

6. Jesus is marvelous

7. Suffering is obvious