Sermon – October 17, 2021

The Book of Amos – Love God; Do Good (mp3)


Amos is not a difficult book to comprehend. He doesn’t mince words, and he doesn’t hold back on his shots. The people of Israel have affronted God; they have largely abandoned seeking to know him, and it shows in all of their works. They do not love their neighbor, they do not seek justice, they do not seem to have any inkling of the depth of righteousness the Lord desires. Rather, they are fat, sleek, comfortable, and content with the world while others suffer in their midst. God will not stand for this among his people – so will he do so among us? What should we do to escape their fate?

1. Do not put the Lord out of your mind

2. Do not presume upon the Lord in your sin

3. Do not prey upon the Lord’s people in your greed