Sermon – November 7, 2021

The Book of Micah – Steadfast Love and Salvation (mp3)


Micah the prophet hits all of the notes that the rest of the prophets do: there will be wrath and destruction over the sins of the people of both Judah and Israel. Yet, the way that Micah plays those notes is distinct from the other prophetic voices we have heard; wrath is present, yet the overriding theme is God’s eventual and faithful deliverance of his people. Deliverance, not just from his wrath, but also from their own sin, through a humble man from the humble town of Bethlehem Ephrathah. What themes do we discover as we read through Micah?

1. The destruction of the nation

2. The injustice of the people

3. The failure of instruction

4. The lament of Micah

5. The salvation of the Lord