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Bible Reading Plan – July 29-August 5


Bible Project Reading Plan (July 30-August 5): Daniel 4-12; Haggai 1-2; Zechariah 1-14; Psalms 56-62 Trying to pick an interesting subject to write about from the book of Daniel is a tough ask… Continue reading

Sermon – January 27, 2019


Haggai 2 – The True Temple (mp3) Introduction Because of Haggai’s message from the Lord to the officials and the people, “The people feared the Lord.” (v. 12) Then, chapter 1 ends with… Continue reading

Sermon – January 20, 2019


Haggai 1 – Consider Your Ways (mp3) Introduction Like God’s people after the exile, God has called you to consider your ways – to consider how it is you have lived before him… Continue reading