Sermon – January 27, 2019

haggai sermon

Haggai 2 – The True Temple (mp3)

Because of Haggai’s message from the Lord to the officials and the people, “The people feared the Lord.” (v. 12) Then, chapter 1 ends with “And they came and worked on the House of the Lord of Hosts, their God.” (v. 14) This week we will see the encouragement of those who are building the temple.

1. The glory of this house will exceed Solomon’s Temple (vv. 1-9)
God encourages those who do his work – he is faithful! Why is it that we can trust in his faithfulness? He is none other than the Lord of Hosts – the master of all things. This title, used by Haggai some 13 times, is a sign of God’s sovereign and unmitigated rule. He will accomplish his purposes. Those who labor to rebuild the temple can do so assured that they will accomplish this great purpose. Even so, God will eventually bring the treasures of the nations to himself like he did when his people plundered the Egyptians. This will finally be accomplished by Christ, who is himself more glorious than the temple.

2. Blessings come to a defiled people (vv. 10-19)
Holiness does not transmit the way uncleanness does. The people will not become holy from building the temple, but in their uncleanness they defile all to which they put their hands. God is not with them, and if he is not they build in vain. Even planting seeds does not guarantee a crop, let alone a project of this size! Yet, even in their diseased state, God will bless them. Indeed, this is how our God operates, as he has even blessed us while we were sinners in Christ Jesus his Son!

3. The Kingdom shall be established on the ruins of all opposing powers (vv. 20-23)
No kingdom will stand before God’s will – no matter how mighty of powerful. God’s work will continue because he is a faithful God. God will use the ruler of Jerusalem as his signet ring, the sign of his power and proof of his authority. Jesus is this final ruler, conquering the nations through the cross and bringing the promised peace to God’s people.