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Bible Reading Plan – May 21-27


Bible Project Reading Plan (May 21-27): Job 4-31, Psalms 136-142 The book of Job is both difficult and rewarding. Its difficulty lies in the condensed philosophical discussions, made all the more arduous for… Continue reading

Bible Reading Plan – March 5-11


Bible Project Reading Plan (March 5-11): Deuteronomy 32-34, Joshua 1-24, Judges 1-3, Psalm 64-70 The Bible is unwavering on its commitment to God’s over-arching sovereignty in all aspects of life. He controls the… Continue reading

Preparing for Gathered Worship 2/14


The Sermon As we move through the history of God’s redemption, we come to the book of Nahum.  Nahum deals with the hard realities of God’s judgment on sin.  God is a patient… Continue reading